Friday, May 23, 2014

What an epic fail!

Have you ever bought a stamp set because of what the design team does with it?! Anyone know what I'm talking about?!  Yeah...I know you do! Well I absolutely loved what Heather Nichols did with Mum's the Word stamp set from Papertreyink...and finally got up the courage to try it. Now mind you, I've had this set since last August! my title implies...I failed miserably! For one I didn't have the same reinker colors and obviously don't have near the same touch she has. Here's a link to the gorgeous card that stole my heart Heather's card.

Yeah, well I decided to just use a portion of my miserable attempt (by the way this was attempt #6 or 7...I lost count) 

So I know practice, practice, practice...but that gets expensive...and for me it's a demotivator. Don't know why...maybe I'm just lazy! Hahaha...

Okay hope y'all are having a fun holiday weekend!
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Holly Saveur said...

Hi Kathy love Heather's card too...I think if you wanted to get the same feeling might have needed more water??
Also like your the way you used the panel with the sentiment.....