Wednesday, December 4, 2013


So I thought I would try to make a card for Papertreyink's MIM Modern Whimsy where you randomly add things, lots of layers, etc. You can use vellum and place things wherever you think they make sense...not so much! I am not able to continue adding's just too distracting for my brain. I love it when others do it, but my hands don't obey because my mind thinks it's too much stuff.

The card above is my failed attempt at that style, but you know, I kinda like how it turned out. Still slightly spare, in some places, not too much going on. I joined a club to send 6 birthday cards a month and I'm going to use it for that.

I've been reading a thread on the SCS board about  being burned out by all the black Friday and Christmas sales ads. I have to agree, it is way too much bombardment. This morning my second-born dd and I were talking about how to get out of the huge commercialism of this season and do something that really matters. We've challenged each other to focus on giving cheerfully, sacrificially.



Mary Pat Siehl said...

love that wreath!

Holly Saveur said...

LOVE it so gorgeous..I am so like you having so much troubles adding things!