Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Playing around...

I am still making cards for Christmas presents and decided to play around with an older Papertreyink set. I loved this set the moment it debuted and did get a lot of mileage out of it, but you know how it goes...the new ones come out, you fall in love and the older sets get pushed to the back. A sad but true story :(
Recently Papertrey has started doing new releases mixing the older with the new and the first set that popped into my mind was Wildflower Garden. This card is simple and rather rustic, probably could look more rustic if I embellished it (I'm VERY embellishment challenged!) but it conveys exactly what I want it to. The "new" is the "hello My Friend" sentiment from Sketched Shapes. There's just something quietly happy about these flowers...wish they would make an addition to this set.
Oh and I WAS wanting them to make die cuts for it but then I mentioned it on the SCS forum and some very nice person posted a youtube video by cleversomeday on how to make your own die cuts using stamped images...Yay! it really works. Watch this:
Now I did not watch any of her other videos on how to stream line the cuts, I only used this one and managed to get a not-too-shabby die cut. Very elementary for the elementary minded person, which I am!
The gray one has a larger border than the pink-I tried doing exactly what she said making an external offset (the gray one) and then making an internal offset to get closer. My only problem is this stamp set isn't completely opaque all the way has a slightly jagged edge and my scanner picked that up big time-so the die cut is way more sketchy looking than the stamped image.

So now we come to the day before Thanksgiving...what is everyone doing? I have been home sick with vertigo since Sunday night...I am feeling slightly better this morning though unable to drive (had to cancel a dr. appt.) hopefully I will feel well enough to make the trip in to Houston tomorrow to my youngest daughter's house. She is so excited to have her first holiday in her new home. I hear she already has her tree up, so while we will be giving thanks for what our forefathers accomplished,we will also be admiring the Christmas tree and speak of what the real reason for Christmas is...Jesus! No better thanks to give than to a Savior who loved us enough to die for us and make a way for eternal life; without Him we have no hope of going to heaven. It's only a prayer away for those who do not know Him yet. I encourage you to think about that. Jesus loves you. He waits for you with open arms. The only One with no strings attached. Love freely given no matter what, no matter who.
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all,


Mary Pat Siehl said...

just beautiful

Holly Saveur said...

This card is so gorgeous in is here in my room...thank you so much Kathy!